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Beauty Tip 25. Lovely lashes with mascara

Eyelashes frame the eyes and draw attention to, what many people consider to be, the essence of a woman's beauty.

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Mascara gives you the power to make your lashes, and therefore your eyes, look fabulous.

To help you make the most of your eyelashes, here are some of the very best mascara tips...

- apply mascara in a zig-zag motion to help prevent clumps

- use a fairly thin, short brush to give you more control and to enable you to get right into the corners

- if applying a second coat, don't wait for the first one to dry, otherwise you'll get clumps.

- it's the mascara placed at the roots of your eyelashes, not the tips, that creates the illusion of length

- place a little powder under the eye before applying mascara to prevent smudging

- experiment with colours other than black, for example a subtle purple mascara can make your eyes look significantly bigger

- use a mascara primer to really make your lashes look lush

- don't pump your brush in and out of the tube as this fills the bottle with air causing it to dry out much quicker

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