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How and where do I find a good local dentist or clinic in my area?

Finding a local dentist, never mind a good one, has become increasingly difficult in recent times. There are seemingly not enough NHS dentists to serve the ever growing UK population.


The problem isn't as bad as some newspapers would have you believe, and the government is currently trying to increase capacity. However, thousands of people across the county still find themselves without a regular dentist.

Sadly, in terms of local dentists, it's often a case of taking what you can get. If you want NHS treatment, there's no room for picking and choosing. Fortunately, standards amongst NHS dentists are very high, and most provide excellent care and treatment.

The NHS website has a full list of registered dentists throughout the United Kingdom. It also allows you to search specifically for NHS dental practices currently accepting new patients.

You can also take a look at our selection of recommended local dentists near you. These cosmetic dentistry experts can help with a wide range of dental issues including routine treatment.

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