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Beauty Tip 37. Make the most of your lips

Luscious lips can sometimes make more of an impact than any other part of a woman's body.

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Just ask Angelina Jolie.

We can't all be blessed with 'pillow lips' like Miss Jolie but we can all make the most of this very sensual area of the face.

So, always remember to exfoliate around the mouth to remove dead skin cells and encourage circulation to the lip area.

Also, make full use of lipstick, lip liners and lip gloss, no matter how old you are.

Remember, lip make-up doesn't have to mean bright red lipstick. There are so many colours, tones and textures available today. There really is something for everyone.

And finally, if you smoke - stop!

Smoking causes terrible lines and wrinkles on the upper lip as well as skin discolouration and deterioration around the entire mouth area.

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