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UK Liposuction
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Liposuction Surgery
Liposuction surgery is offered by most plastic surgery clinics throughout London and the UK. This popular cosmetic treatment can be carried out quickly and safely to get rid of hard to shift areas of fat. Take a look at some recommended UK clinics offering liposuction treatment:

Nuffield Health Woking Hospital - Surrey
The Nuffield Health Hospital in Woking is a premier cosmetic surgery clinic offering excellent liposuction and smartlipo techniques. All treatments are carried out by highly regarded surgeons and support staff. Contact the Nuffield on 0845 6034346 to find out more.


Spire Leicester Hospital - Leicestershire
The Spire Hospital in Leicestershire provides first rate liposuction at great prices. Free consultations are available. Telephone 0800 4346644 to find out more about liposuction and similar treatments.


The Harley Medical Group - London
With clinics throughout London and the UK, The Harley Medical Group can help with a wide range of plastic surgery including all the latest liposuction techniques. Contact The Harley Medical Group today on 0870 8506251 to find out what they can do for you.


Nuffield Health Hospital - Cambridgeshire
The Nuffield Hospital in Cambridgeshire is a superb choice for having liposuction in the UK. Highly skilled surgeons and technicians as well as first class care. Telephone the clinic on 0845 6034346 for more details.


The Hospital Group - Worcestershire
The Hospital Group is a well regarded provider of cosmetic surgery in the UK with thousands of happy liposuction patients. Competitive prices and first class aftercare. Call 0121 445 7500 to make an appointment today.


Transform Medical Group - London
The Transform Medical Group is one of London's most popular cosmetic surgery providers. Affordable treatment, highly skilled surgeons, and sympathetic care. Call the Transform Medical clinic on 0870 6099099 to find out what liposuction deals are available.

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