How much do dental implants cost and are they worth the money?

Dental implants is a procedure that replaces missing teeth with permanent artificial implants. This increasing popular procedure involves the use of titanium implant screws, which are inserted into the jawbone before being covered with natural looking crowns.

The main reason for the growth in implant treatment is that people don't want a removable solution to missing teeth such as dentures. Once fitted, dental implants feel just like normal teeth, and the patient can treat them as such.

Dental implants are unlikely to be offered on the NHS because they are a purely cosmetic treatment. Less expensive ways to deal with the problem of missing teeth are available.

If you want dental implants, you must visit a private dental clinic. Prices charged for such treatment vary from dentist to dentist but on average one implant will costs in the region of £1200 to £1600.

Take a look at more information on dental implants to see if they're right for you.

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