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Beauty Tip 08. Your hands

We put our hands through more stress than any other part of our bodies.

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And yet, many of us don't give a second thought to taking care of the poor old fellows.

The result of this neglect, is that millions of women are walking around with hands of someone ten years their senior.

So how do you keep your hands young and healthy looking?

Simply follow these three rules...

1. Go crazy for hand cream

If your face needs to be moisturised twice daily, your hands will probably need much more. You wash your hands several times a day and touch literally thousands of different materials and surfaces, and as a result hand cream does get worn off.

You need to apply cream at every possible opportunity and the best way to do this is to have a pot of cream in many locations. Place a tub next to the kitchen sink, in your office, in your car - anywhere you spend a lengthy amount of time each day.

2. Water is not a friend to your hands

Water is great for the skin but only in moderation. If you splish and splash too much it actually has an adverse effect on the skin.

So whenever possible, wipe your hands clean with cleansing cream or lotion instead of washing them.

And of course, wear washing up gloves when you do the dishes, which brings us to rule number three...

3. Love the glove

Protect you hands with gloves whenever and wherever you can.

Gardening, washing the dishes and extremely cold weather can all have a damaging effect on your hands.

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