Is it possible to get free cosmetic surgery in the UK, and how do I go about getting it?

The costs of plastic surgery are so high, it's pretty hard to believe claims or offers of free treatment. But in actual fact, free cosmetic surgery is possible in the UK.

There are two main paths to free plastic surgery, with the first being through the NHS. Cosmetic treatment is available on the NHS in cases of reconstructive surgery or where the procedure will provide significant social, psychological, or physical benefit to the patient. What this means is that if your protruding ears are causing severe depression and deeply effecting your life, you may be able to have free plastic surgery on the NHS to correct them.

The second route to free cosmetic surgery is using a new surgeon or clinic who are looking for clients to use in promotional material. New plastic surgery clinics, like all fledging companies, are desperate for business and will sometimes offer free treatment to help kick start their business.

The two possible downsides to this free treatment is that you will probably be featured in all the clinics literature. So if you were hoping to keep your treatment a secret, think again. And secondly, new clinics or new surgeons may not have the skills or experience you would find elsewhere so the risks of inferior treatment may be slightly higher.

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