What types of finance options are available for having plastic surgery in the UK?

Unfortunately, plastic surgery is expensive, especially in the UK. A little nip and tuck can cost as much as a small car.

Most people simply don't have the money to pay for what's essentially an unnecessary expense. Luckily, more and more cosmetic surgery clinics are offering attractive finance deals and payment plans.

By allowing patients to spread the cost of their treatment over several years, clinics can open their doors to a greater number of people. Of course, you could always go to your bank for finance but it's just so much easier when everythings under the one roof.

There are a wide variety of plastic surgery finance plans available. Some of which offer attractive rates of interest, but some of which don't.

A few of the larger cosmetic surgery groups in the UK such as MYA offer 0% finance, subject to conditions. Not only do you get to spread your payments over a period of time but there is no interest to pay! However, make sure you check the small print as many finance deals only offer 0% interest for the first 10 months. After this inital period you will start paying interest.

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