What is the best type of cosmetic surgery to have for the face?

Of all the parts of our bodies, our face is the area most of us would like to change. Whether it be a smaller nose, less wrinkles or younger looking skin, it's easy to see why facial plastic surgery is so popular.

But which type of cosmetic surgery for the face is best? Obviously, it depends on the particular aspect of the face the patient wants to address. For example, the best type of treatment for droopy eye-lids is, as you would expert, eye-lid surgery.

In terms of making you look younger, a face lift produces the most impressive results. By pulling and tightening your facial skin, a good surgeon really can make you look ten years younger.

Botox and chemical peels are ideal if you a have a limited budget or you want to avoid going under the knife. But remember, there's nothing worse than looking like you've had too much botox, so tread carefully.

Regardless of the type of face surgery you're thinking about, make sure you think carefully about what's involved and the possibility of things going wrong.

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