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Beauty Tip 06. Make-up to change your face shape

The beauty of make-up is that it can really change the appearance of your face.

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It can't make a fat face thin but it can make it look thinner.

The correct application of light and shade in the right places can really work wonders.

If you aren't using this make-up magic trick then you're missing out.

Give it a go. You might just be surprised at the results.

To help you on your way, here is a quick guide to how to use make-up to change the shape of your face...

Long faces: use a darker foundation on your forehead and chin combined with a lighter colour on the rest of your face.

Round faces: essentially the opposite of the previous advice; use lighter foundation on your chin and forehead but slimming darker tones on your cheeks.

Ears: lengthen short ears with a lighter shade and shorten large ears with a medium to dark base.

Double chins: use a light coloured base on the chin and a dark colour underneath, extending right down the upper neck.

Noses are a more complicated area but help can be found here...

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