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Beauty Tip 07. How to make your eyes look bigger

Have you ever noticed how most celebrities seem to have beautiful, larger than average eyes?

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It's not a result of a new cosmetic surgery procedure but rather the benefits of creative make-up.

Cosmetics can be used to make the eyes appear bigger, brighter and more beautiful.

Take a look at these five great tips to make your eyes light up your face:

1. Remember to curl your eyes lashes before applying mascara. This frames the eyes making them looker larger and lighter.

2. Use mascara on your bottom lashes as well as your top.

3. Don't forget about your eyebrows. Beautifully shaped, full brows with a high arc can do wonders for the eyes. A trip to a beauty salon is well worth the time and money.

4. Use white eye liner (it's not as bad as it sounds) to really give the appearance of larger eyes. Try a little on the inside corner of both your upper and lower lids for even greater effect.

5. If your eye lashes are a little bare don't be afraid to use false lashes. You can now buy fantastically realistic, easy to apply lashes that make you're eyes look amazing.

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