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Beauty Tip 50. Beautiful brows

Eyebrows can have dramatic effect on a woman's face.

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Beautiful brows not only frame the eyes but they also create a real sense of style and sophistication.

The perfect eyebrow has the following three characteristics:

- the space between the brows should be the same as the width of your eye or very slightly wider

- the brows should end on the diagonal line from your nostril to the outside of your eye

- the brow arch should be at it's highest point on the straight line that passes from your nostril up to the outside of your iris

If you aren't blessed with thick brows avoid the temptation to make up for it with heavy eyebrow pencil.

This looks neither natural or attractive.

If you're really unhappy with your lack of eyebrows, visit a beautician who can address the problem with semi-permanent implanted pigment make-up.

It costs less than may think and, theoretically, the impressive results should last forever.

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