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Beauty Tip 22. Eat for beauty

The term 'beauty comes from within' traditionally means that personality, kindness and compassion are just important as the way you look. If you're beautiful on the inside, you'll be beautiful on the outside too.

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However, this common saying can also be taken to mean that beauty grows from what we put into our bodies, namely the food we eat.

We all know our diet contributes to our body weight but it's also intrinsically linked to our skin, hair and nails.

Without, drinking sufficient water and eating enough fruit and vegetables, we won't get the vitamins, minerals and fluids our skin needs.

No amount of face creams and serums can compensate for a poor diet.

But it's important not to go overboard with your diet. The key is a healthy, balanced diet... one that you have more than a remote chance of maintaining.

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