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It's easy to forget how important our teeth are. Without them, we would neither be able to eat or speak properly. And of course, without pearly whites, even the most beautiful woman would struggle to look her best.

We would all like to have perfect teeth and a glorious smile. Fortunately, with developments in dental technology, we all can. There are countless dental procedures available in the UK, some of which strengthen our teeth, some of which improve their appearance. There's a great deal to understand, and here are a some of your most common questions.

Dental health
How do I maintain good dental health? Find out about keeping your teeth in perfect condition.

Dental insurance
Is it worth taking out insurance in the UK? Learn about the cost and benefits of dental cover.

NHS dentist
How do I get registered with a local NHS dentist? Find a dentistry clinic near you.

Emergency dentist
Where can I find a clinic from emergency treatment? Advice on emergency dentistry care.

Sedation dentist
How to find a local clinic providing sedation treatment? Specialist clinics near you.

Treatment cost
Just how much do cosmetic procedures cost? Find out how much you will need to pay for veneers, implants, and tooth whitening.

Tooth whitening dentist
Should I have my teeth professional whitened? Learn about the costs and benefits of expert toot whitening.

Dental implants
Are tooth implants really worth the money? Find out how much implants cost and how long they last for.

Cosmetic dentists
Where can I find highly regarded cosmetic clinic in the UK? Take a look at recommended surgeries across the country.

Dental veneer
What is the best type of veneer available? Find out the costs and advantages of different varieties of tooth veneer.

Sedation dentistry
What does sedation treatment actually involve? Learn about the costs and risks of having sedation dentistry in the UK.

Dental treatments
What are the most popular cosmetic techniques used? Advice the types of treatment available in modern dentistry.

Fertility & Pregnancy


Artificial insemination
Learn about the costs, risks and probability of success from this infertility procedure.

Treatment abroad
What you need to know about having fertility treatment overseas.

Gender selection
A guide to the legal and moral aspects of choosing the sex of your baby.

Diet & Weight Loss