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The desire for a perfect smile has never been greater. We are bombarded with pictures of models and celebrities, nearly all of whom have dazzling smiles. Fortunately, with recent developments in dental technology and techniques, even the worst set of teeth can be transformed into those worthy of a Hollywood superstar. Complete smile makeovers may not be cheap, but those who've had one say it was worth every penny.

What the procedure involves
The procedure involved in a smile makeover varies form patient to patient depending on what type of work is to be carried out. Often a combination of treatments, such as gum contouring and veneers, are used to create that all important perfect smile.

Regardless of the work to be done, your cosmetic dentist will firstly carry out a detailed evaluation of you teeth, gums and jaw. X-rays and photographs ill be taken to help determine what can be done and how it is to be achieved.

This initial assessment also helps to identify any potential problems which could arise during treatment allowing your dentist to prepare for them.

After treatment
Smile makeovers usually require considerable dental work and therefore they can also require several days to recover from. Pain and discomfort is likely to be mild, and easily controlled by over the counter medication. Most patients feel completely back to normal after two or three days.

Typical costs and prices
The cost of a smile makeover in a UK dental clinic can range from £3,000 to anything in excess of £50,000 depending on the level of work required and the dentist used. Some smile makeovers require many hours in the dentist chair hence the huge charges possible.

It's difficult to give an average cost of such potentially complex and varied treatment but most smile makeover patients will receive little change from £10,000.

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