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The Six Month Smile is a new dental technique developed in American to correct uneven smiles in just six months. Specially designed tooth-coloured braces gently straighten and improve the appearance of teeth in approximately a quarter of the time of traditional braces.

What the procedure involves
The first dental visit of the six month smile treatment is where involves a full examination of your teeth and jaw to give the dentist an overall picture of your mouth. X-rays and photographs will be taken to help determine what can be done, and how to do it.

The actual fitting of the Six Month Smiles braces is a relatively quick and pain free process. The system of small white brackets and wires can usually be fitted into place without any problems.

You will then visit your dentist every four weeks for regular adjustments of the braces until the end of your treatment. This again is a quick and painless process lasting no longer than twenty minutes each time.

Is the treatment painful?
Although you should experience no pain with the six month smile prcedure, but like any orthodontic treatment, patients may find the braces uncomfortable at first.

But after a week or two, the vast majority of patients grow accustomed to the system and often even forget they're wearing braces.

Typical costs and prices
The cost of six month smile dental treatment in the UK will vary quite considerably between dental clinics. Prices can be almost double in major cities those found in local dental practices.

But in general the costs should be less than those associated with Invisalign aligners or even traditional braces. Faster, cheaper - better? In most cases the six month smile usually is.

Smile makeover

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