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The term orthodontics is used to refer to the area of cosmetic dentistry involving the straightening of teeth to correct alignment and improve appearance. Braces or aligners are used to achieve a more desirable smile and tooth positioning. Orthodontics primarily focuses on patients in their teenage years as the mouth and jaw is still developing at this stage making corrections more straightforward.

However an ever increasing number of adults with uneven teeth are turning to orthodontics to help create a more aesthetically pleasing smile.

Although, orthodontics can be very successful in adults, it is usually more time consuming and therefore more expensive. Once the teeth and gums have stopped growing, they become less easy to manipulate.

What the procedure involves
Firstly, your dentist will conduct a detailed examination of your teeth and mouth to determine the best course of action. He will then choose the best type of brace or aligner to use in order to achieve the desired outcome.

Different brace systems involve slightly different procedures but most comprise taking a mould of the teeth and gums, which is then sent to a laboratory where the brace or aligner is made.

The process of fitting the braces is normally very simple and patients should experience little or no discomfort.

Typical costs and prices
The cost of orthodontics in the UK depends on the level of treatment required. For example, a single arch treatment costs between £1,850 to £2500 where as you can expect to pay anything between £2500 to £4,000 for both upper and lower dental arches.

Costs will also vary according to the materials used and the complexity of the treatment required.

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