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Designed in California, MAC Veneers are a pressed ceramic restorative material developed using the very latest dental technology. Regarded as one of the best smile improvement techniques available, MAC veneers are a popular choice amongst the rich and famous, both in the UK and the USA.

The main difference between traditional veneers and MAC pressed ceramic veneers is that the MAC veneers are much stronger but without compromising their aesthetics. In the past, veneers were either strong or beautiful but with the MAC system they are both.

What the procedure involves
MAC veneers can be used to treat or correct a range of dental problems. Badly stained teeth that cannot be cleaned can be effectively covered. Chipped or damaged teeth can be fitted with MAC veneers to return them to their original state.

MAC Veneers can also be used to deal with small gaps between you teeth or where certain teeth are not aligned properly. And finally, the veneers can be used in smile makeovers to help create that perfect Hollywood smile.

Typical costs and prices
MAC Veneer prices are approximately 30% more than standard veneers. It's difficult to give an average cost, as prices vary dramatically from dentist to dentist, but as a rough guide expect pay in the region of £700 to £900 per tooth.


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