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Lingual dental braces are specially designed fixed braces used to correct the alignment of even or protruding teeth. They differ from traditional dental braces in the fact that they're bonded to the back of the teeth, instead of the front, thereby making them almost invisible. This addresses the aesthetically unappealing nature of standard dental braces.

What the procedure involves
Lingual braces will be fitted during two visits to your dentist. The first appointment involves taking an impression of the teeth which is then sent to a laboratory where customized brackets are made.

The second visit, a few days later, involves the actual fitting of the braces to your teeth. Although this is pain free, patients may experience mild discomfort and speech impairment in the days that follow. However, in most cases this clears up very quickly as the patient grows accustomed to wearing the braces.

Generally, lingual braces take between 1-2 years to achieve the required result, although in some cases it can be up to three years. This is more or less the length of time as traditional braces but more than modern systems such as Invisalign.

Typical costs and prices
The typical costs of lingual braces in the UK is approximately £3500 to £4000 for treatment on either your upper or lower teeth. For braces on both the upper and lower teeth, expect to pay in the region of £7000 to £7500.

Prices also vary according to the complexity of the treatment and the number of dental visits required. In some instances, lingual braces can cost in excess of £9000.


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