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Traditional dentistry involves the use a rotary tool with a number of attachments including the dreaded drill. Although this is a perfectly successful method of carrying out dental procedures, it's not the most sympathetic to patients' pain or comfort levels. And it's for these reasons that laser dentistry has been developed.

What the procedure involves
Laser dentistry can be used in virtually all areas of dental treatment from complex surgery to tooth whitening. It simply replaces the use of the rotary tool in all applications. Patients will pop on a pair of protective glasses and then the dentist will begin using the noiseless, painless laser. Unlike with the rotary tool, the laser does not physically touch your teeth and there is very little in the way of excess saliva or residual products.

In terms of surgery, there is no need for anesthesia, and there will be no swelling or bleeding. The laser process can take a little as a few seconds but some treatments may require several minutes. However, compared to conventional dentistry, this is still incredibly quick.

Does laser dentistry hurt?
In most cases, laser dental treatment is pain free although you may experience mild sensitivity afterwards. When used in dental surgery, laser dentistry can help reduce bleeding, swelling and general discomfort.

Typical costs and prices
The cost of laser dentistry in the UK depends on the level of treatment required, and on the expertise of the dentist. However, the costs are not significantly more than those associated with traditional dental techniques.

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