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The dental technique known as gum contouring is used when a patient's gums are too big or at least appear too big when she smiles. It is quite common for the gums to grow a little more than normal and therefore cover more of the teeth than is desirable.

What the procedure involves
The first stage of the gum contouring procedure is the application of a local anesthetic to the gum area. A laser is then used to cut away excess gum tissue and thereby expose more of the actual tooth.

In some cases, it may be necessary to reduce a small portion of the tooth root in order to prevent the gum regrowing.

Advantages and disadvantages
The main advantages of gum contouring are that it's a relatively straightforward, inexpensive procedure that can quickly improve a patient’s smile.

However, care must be taken not to remove too much gum tissue which can lead to healing problems.

Typical costs and prices
Compared to the majority of cosmetic dental techniques, gum contouring is relatively inexpensive. On average, gum contouring costs between £150 to £700 depending on the level of work required.

Prices will vary also vary according to where you live and the expertise of the dentist used.


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