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Endodontics is the name given to dental treatment involving the nerves inside teeth, the most common of which is root canal treatment. With the development of dental techniques, nerve treatment can be used to save teeth which in the past would have been extracted.

Endodontics dentist

What the procedure involves
Endodontic treatment begins with an evaluation of the tooth to be treated. X-rays will be taken to give the dentist a full picture of the therapy required. The actual nerve procedure will begin with a local anesthetic to help control the pain. The dentist will then use a special drill to expose the nerve, before proceeding to remove the diseased area. The surrounding areas will be cleaned, and prepared for the new root filling.

Typical costs and prices
The cost of endodontic treatment in the UK will obviously depend on the amount of nerve work required. But on average expect to pay in the region of £350 to £500 for root canal treatment on single rooted teeth. Multi rooted tooth treatment costs a little more at between £500 to £650 per tooth.

Is Endodontic treatment painful?
Dental procedures involving the nerves of the teeth, in particular root canal treatment, have a reputation for being tremendously painful. In the past, this was often very true but with developments in dental techniques, root canal therapy now involves very little pain. Most patients will experience minor discomfort in the days following treatment but this can be effectively controlled with painkillers,

Endodontic retreatment
In most cases, endodontic treatment will help damaged teeth last as long as healthy teeth. However, in some instances, the nerve procedure will not prove successful. Further treatment may be required either soon after the initial therapy or many years later.

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