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Empress veneers use the latest in ceramic and porcelain dental technology to create strong, natural tooth restoration. Empress veneers are up to six times as strong as traditional veneers, and when overlaid with porcelain, there is nothing better.

Empress veneers are used to create perfect smiles in patients with a wide range of dental problems. From stained teeth to smiles with wide gaps, Empress veneers can make an incredible difference.

It's estimated that over 25 million people have chosen Empress veneers throughout the world which is testament to the technique's durability and success. A perfect smile can be something of a dream for many people, but with Empress veneers this dream can become a reality.

Like all modern dental techniques, computer technology is used to create a perfect colour and shape match for the patient's teeth. The result is an artificial restoration that looks every bit as natural as existing teeth.

The cost of Empress veneers in the UK varies from dentist to dentist but expect to pay in the region of £500 per tooth. But remember, prices can vary dramatically so don't be surprised to be quoted in excess of £1000 per tooth.


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