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The traditional solution for the loss of teeth is dentures. In some shape or form, dentures have been used since the 15th century to help deal with the problems caused by tooth loss.

Dentures can be defined as removable artificial teeth that simulate both the appearance and the function of natural teeth. Dentures have come long way over the years with today's varieties mostly made of acrylic resins and composite materials.

Dentures can be broken down into two types: the partial denture and the full denture. Partial dentures replace either one or many teeth in a mouth where natural teeth are still present. Full dentures on the other hand, replace all teeth in a mouth with no healthy teeth present.

The advantages of dentures are fairly obvious. Firstly, a patient can have a full set of teeth, which helps talking, chewing and overall dental hygiene. It also helps boost confidence, something often badly effected by the loss of prominent teeth.

And compared to many forms of dental treatment, dentures are relatively inexpensive, although dentures at private clinics can cost well over £1000.

However, the one major problem with dentures is that they're essentially removable false teeth. For anyone under the age of fifty, even the thought of wearing dentures is too much to bare.

Dentures are very much associated with our grandmas and granddads which is why most of us would avoid them at all costs. And this is why, so many of us are choosing to have permanent dental implants instead. They too are nothing more than false teeth but their permanency makes all the difference in our minds.

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