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Cerec is a cosmetic dentistry process that allows your dentist to create perfect ceramic or porcelain tooth crowns or veneers in a single visit. State of the art computer technology is used to make the development and fitting of crowns and veneers both faster and more precise.

What the procedure involves
The first stage of the Cerec process involves taking a digital image of the teeth, from which the complex computer work is based. Blocks of ceramic material are formed to create the replacement tooth using 3D computer images.

The completed veneer or crown is then bonded to the parent tooth using the very latest bonding system.

What are the advantages and disadvantages?
Cerec veneers have many advantages over conventional restorations. Firstly, only a single dentist visit is required unlike with traditional veneers when you must visit two or three visits.

Secondly, your dentist is in complete control of your treatment form start to finish allowing her to adapt and develop your care.

And finally, Cerec veneers are fracture resistant so damage is unlikely.

How much are typical costs and prices?
The cost of Cerec veneers compare quite favourably to standard veneers. They are usually slightly more expensive but perhaps not as much as you would expect considering the state of the art technology used. This is because Cerec veneers only require one appointment(meaning less chargeable hours in the dental chair) and there are no laboratory fees to bump up the the price of your treatment.

Typical prices of Cerec veneers can very from dentist to dentist. Expect to pay anything from £380 to upwards of £800 per tooth.


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