How much does dental treatment cost in the UK, and does it vary from dentist to dentist?

Although NHS dental care is heavily subsidised by the government, most procedures still costs money. Indeed, if you require considerable treatment be prepared to hand over several hundred pounds to your dentist.


However, most people who can't find a local NHS dentist would love to have such a problem. The cost of dental care outside of the NHS can be incredibly expensive. Even if you shop around to find the least expensive private dentist, you will pay at the very least twice as much for treatment, and in some cases ten times as much.

The table below will give you an idea of NHS treatment costs and the prices charged by private dentists in the UK.

Treatment NHS care Private care
Braces £198 £1200 +
Bridge N/A £300 - £900
Crown £198 £300 - £2000
Dentures £198 £600 - £1000
Filling (white) £44 £120 +
N/A £1300 - £2800
Invisalign N/A £3000 - £6000
Root canal £198 £400 +
N/A £400 - £2000
Whitening N/A £350 - £1000
X Ray £16 £30 +

As you can see, cosmetic dentistry is generally not available on the NHS. Much like plastic surgery, NHS cosmetic dental procedures will only be offered if there are underlying social or psychological reasons for the treatment.

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