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The importance of choosing the right surgeon

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Choosing a plastic surgeon
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by Caroline Moran

always choose a surgeon who is a member of BAAPS
Deciding to have cosmetic surgery can be a very difficult process. There are so many things to consider - the cost, the pain, the risk, the necessity. You may feel an enormous sense of relief when you finally make your mind up. However, choosing a cosmetic surgeon for you can be as stressful as deciding to have the surgery in the first place. How do you know which surgeon is the best? How can I make sure I'm in the safe hands? The following are the five golden rules to choosing a cosmetic surgeon:

1. Don't base your decision solely on price

You get what you pay for - it's a cliche but more often than not it holds true in life. When you're buying a television a Sony costs much more than a Goodmans but that's because it's better. In general the same rule applies to cosmetic surgeons. Sure you can get a nose job done for half the price it costs in Harley Street but will it be as good? And more importantly can you trust the surgeon?

2. Choose a BAAPS member

BAAPS is the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons. Members of this organization are fully trained surgeons with at least six years experience at a recognized training centre. To be accepted as a member, a surgeon must receive recommendations from two existing members who can testify to their abilities. An important aspect of all surgery is reducing the risk as much as possible. By choosing a BAAPS member you will be making the best possible start.

3. Get more than one opinion

It's essential to talk to more than one surgeon. A consultation may cost between £60 and £100 but it's well worth it to find a surgeon you are comfortable with. Having a good relationship with your surgeon will help him understand exactly what you want and help you cope with what can be an extremely stressful experience.

4. Do your own research on the surgeon

You are effectively choosing to put your appearance in the hands of a complete stranger. You have to make sure he is the right stranger. Look at his CV, ask to see before and after photos, search the internet for any information about him. Even if he comes highly recommended and he's an established BAAPS member, just make sure. Even if it only serves to put your mind at rest, it's a couple of hours well spent.

5. Do your own research on the procedure

You should always make an effort to learn as much as you can about different procedures before you visit a surgeon. You will then be in a better position to tell him what you want and understand the options he gives you. Equally important is to research these options further when you get home. This decision could have a dramatic effect on your life. It's imperative you get it right.

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