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Cosmetic Surgery
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No longer the luxury of the rich and famous, cosmetic surgery continues to grow in popularity. Whatever your view of the moral issue, there is no denying that cosmetic surgery can transform a person both physically and mentally. However, if performed poorly it can have an equally debilitating effect. The most important thing when considering having something done is to do your homework. Learn about the procedures, the risks involves and the surgeons available. It's not a decision top be taken lightly.

Is cosmetic surgery really the cure to aging?
How to choose a cosmetic surgeon?
What cosmetic surgery procedures are now available?
What is the South Beach Diet and does it actually work?
Why most types of fat aren't so bad for us after all.
There are five main types of skin - which one do you have?
Is Pilates just a fashionable farce or does it have real benefits?
Anorexia: a practical guide to this serious eating disorder.
Find the best place to buy cosmetics online and save hundreds of pounds.
Blonde hair - how to get your golden locks looking as good as the stars.
Make up
Is your make-up showing it's age? It may be time to clean out you cosmetics collection.
Cosmetic Procedures
Ready to go under the knife? Check out what cosmetic surgery procedures are now available.

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