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Composite Resin bonding is a dental technique where tooth coloured material is permanently bonded to your teeth. Resin Bonding can be used where teeth have been discoloured or where there is a surface defect in the front teeth. It can also be used very well to clover small spaces between teeth.

Resin bonding

Composite resin bonding is almost a match for the more expensive veneers treatment. However the final appearance is not quite as perfect as Veneers.

But on the upside, composite bonding is cheaper, quicker and most importantly does not adversely effect the structure of your teeth.

The procedure
The dentist applies a sticking gel to the teeth and then builds up thin layers of resins before finally adding the white composite material.

How long does composite resin bonding last?
Caring properly for your bonded teeth insures the longest possible duration of the bonding. However, even with religious bushing and flossing, bonds don't last as long as veneers. You may need to have them retouched or replaced every five to ten years.

Cost and prices
The price of composite resin bonding depends on the level of treatment required. Contact your local private dentist surgery for more information.

NHS, private or abroad
Composite resin boning is unlikely to be available on the NHS as it's a purely cosmetic treatment. However the procedure is available at many private dentist clinics in the UK and abroad.


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