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Radiesse is a cosmetic treatment used to improve the appearance of wrinkles and skin blemishes. The injectable substance is made up of synthetic Calcium Hydroxylapatite coated in an aqueous gel. Radiesse is also used in lip augmentation to add more volume and definition.


Risks and side effects
The risks and complications of Radiesse are the same as any dermal filler. The most common of which are an allergic reaction to the filler or bruising around the treated area. Bleeding, tenderness and some pain may also result.

Cost and prices
The price of Radiesse treatment in the UK is approximately£400-£500 per syringe. If you choose to have Radiesse abroad the treatment costs as little as £250 per syringe.

NHS, private or abroad
Radiesse is not available on the NHS as it is a purely cosmetic procedure. Most private cosmetic clinic in the UK perform the treatment. Radiesse is also available in many countries abroad.

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