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One of the newest forms of cosmetic treatment is the non surgical nose job. As the name suggests, this method of nose reshaping does not involve going under the knife. It therefore avoids many of the potential risks associated with standard rhinoplasty procedures.

A non surgical nose job involves injecting dermal fillers into areas around the nose to fill out undesirable bumps and lumps, making the nose appear straighter. But as no bone on cartridge is removed, it cannot be used to make a nose smaller or narrower.

The cost of a non surgical nose job compares very favourably with rhinoplasty. Non surgical treatment costs a little as £300 whereas traditional nose correction procedures start at around £3500. The recover time of non surgical nose reshaping is also considerably less.

However, on the downside, non surgical nose jobs are not permanent. Fillers will eventually break down and the results will be lost. It's also worth pointing out that because non surgical nose jobs are a new procedure, there isn't a tremendous amount of evidence to highlight their safety. Although dermal fillers have been used successfully in other areas of the face for years, nobody really knows how they will react in the nasal area over the long term.

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