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Rhinoplasty, or a nose job as its more commonly called, is a cosmetic procedure to reshape the nose, usually making it smaller and less prominent. However, in many cases rhinoplasty is used to add volume to a nose or to correct a nose that has been misshaped through injury.

Nose jobs

The procedure
The rhinoplasty operation is usually carried out under a general anaesthetic and takes about 1-2 hours. However, Sometimes local anaesthetic with a sedative can be used. The nose job surgeon will normally make incisions under the nostrils to reach the bone and cartilage and allow him to sculpt the nose. In some cases, the incision may need to be made under the tip of the nose for easier access. Bone, cartilage or artificial implants may be used be help create the new nose.

After surgery
After nose job surgery, patients should be able to leave the hospital after a day or two. You will need to take at least a week off work and strenuous activity must be avoided for 2-3 weeks. Rhinoplasty patients may experience considerable swelling for a few weeks. Splints may need to remain in place for 1-2 weeks to allow the nose to heal.

Risks and side effects
Rhinoplasty risk and complications include infection and heavy nose bleeds. Nose job patients may also experience a loss of sensation or even smell which but can sometimes be permanent. Some patients also experience difficulty breathing through your nose requiring further surgery to correct the problem.

Cost and prices
The price of a nose job in the UK ranges from £3500 - £4000. If you choose to have a nose job abroad, you can save over 50%. Rhinoplasty in Belgium for example will cost approximately £2200.

NHS, private or abroad
Rhinoplasty is very rarely available under the NHS. Only in a handful of cases would the NHS view a nose job as anything other than a purely cosmetic treatment. However, nose jobs are widely available at most privatecosmetic clinics in the UK and abroad.


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