Most nose reshaping procedures will require at least a one night in hospital. The area around the nose may be painful in the days after surgery. Painkillers can be used to control this discomfort should the patient require them. Considerable swelling and bruising can also occur in the weeks after treatment.

You may experience a small amount of bleeding after your nose reshaping treatment. This is normal, and is nothing to worry about. Your nasal area will be delicate for several weeks, which is why you are advised to refrain from blowing your nose.

One week after your rhinoplasty operation, you will return to the clinic or hospital for a check up and to have any stitches or splints removed. This will also give both you and your surgeon a chance to asses the results of the procedure. However, it's worth remembering that it can take many weeks before the full effects of nose correction treatment can be seen.

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