As with most types of medical treatment, you can have rhinoplasty abroad for considerably less than you would pay in the UK. Indeed, an ever growing number of women are flying to Europe, Asia or South America to save money on nose correction treatment.

Prices of nose reshaping abroad can be over 50% less than those found in the UK. In India for example, you can expect to pay as little as £1800 for a nose job, whereas at home, prices begin at £3500. Of course, when considering medical treatment abroad, you must include the costs of travel and accommodation. But even when you take these additional expenses into account, the savings can be still be significant.

However, before you rush out to book a plane ticket to Malaysia or Brazil, it's important to consider the added risk you may be taking by having rhinoplasty abroad. Few countries offer the same standards of care as you will find in the UK. Choosing an experienced surgeon at a well-regarded clinic is imperative. Inferior treatment abroad can quickly turn your dream of a new nose into a genuine nightmare.

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