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A neck lift is a cosmetic procedure designed to produce a firmer, less lined, and more youthful appearing neck. The operation addresses the sagging neck and jaw line that many woman develop with age. The procedure can be combined with Liposuction to help remove excess fat from the neck area.

Neck Lift advice

The procedure
The neck lift operation will be carried out under a general anaesthetic and will take anything between 1.5 to 3 hours. The surgeon begins by making small incisions under the chin or behind your ears. This allows him to reach the neck muscles and tighten them as required. To correct loose and sagging skin, the surgeon will also remove excess skin and pull the remaining skin tighter. Often, liposuction is also performed through an incision under the chin to remove excess fat.

After surgery
After neck lift surgery, the neck will be swollen and bruised for a number of days. Pain and numbness will quickly be replaced by itching and irritation which can take several months to pass. In most cases, you be able to leave the hospital after a day or two. It is advisable to take at least one week off work. Strenuous activity should be avoided for a couple of weeks.

Risks and side effects
As well as the risks associated with general anesthesia, possible neck lift complications include infection, problems with wound healing, bleeding under the skin, and fluid build up under the skin. There is a small risk of permanent scarring in the neck area. In a handful of cases, the procedure has caused permanent nerve damage resulting in numbness, muscle weakness and droopiness.

Cost and prices
The price of neck lift in a UK plastic surgery clinic can range from £3000 to £5500 depending on where you go. If you choose to have neck lift abroad, you can save several thousand pounds. For example in the USA, the procedure will usually cost less than £2000. However, these overseas surgery savings are quickly disappearing as the Pound drops against the Euro and the Dollar

NHS, private or abroad
Neck lifts are rarely carried out on the NHS because they are a cosmetic rather than clinical procedure. However, neck lifts are available in many private plastic surgery clinics both in the UK and abroad.

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