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You may have read about liposuction patients who have died following the procedure. Sadly, in a very small percentage of cases, liposculpture treatment has proved fatal.

However, in the majority of these tragic instances. there has been an underlying health reason for the fatality. Not everyone is suitable for lipo treatment. Existing medical conditions can cause complications and serious side effects. This is why every patient should be thoroughly assessed before lipoplasty procedures are carried out.

Many of the deaths from liposculpture treatment have resulted from disreputable surgeons treating unsuitable patients, or patients failing to disclose issues that would otherwise have excluded them from having treatment.

Risks of less severe complications are also very low. Recent studies indicate that fewer than one in every three thousand patients suffer from unforeseen side effects. As with all forms of cosmetic treatment, you can significantly reduce the likelihood of complications by using an experienced surgeon at a well regarded clinic.

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