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Many people are understandably concerned about the level of pain they may encounter during an operation. With liposculpture procedures, the degree of pain or discomfort will depend on the type on anesthetic used. Different liposuction techniques use different degrees of anesthetic.

If your lipo treatment involves a general anesthetic, you will be unconscious during the procedure, and therefore feel nothing at all. This was more common in the original, more invasive techniques of fat removal.

Attentively, a regional anesthesia is sometimes used in lipo treatment. This epidural block, similar to that used in childbirth, helps numb the area of treatment and therefore provide almost complete pain relief.

And finally, some lipoplasty procedures may involve a local anesthetic. This again, should alleviate any pain you may feel during the procedure. However, you may still feel a pulling sensation as the surgeon carries out the procedure.

After lipoplasty, patients will experience mild pain or discomfort for between one to four weeks. Swelling may take up to six weeks to subside, and it can be nine months before the treatment area has fully healed. The level of pain will largely depend on the patient's pain threshold. Most people will be able to cope with the discomfort fairly easily. For those with a low tolerance, painkillers can be used to address the issue.

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