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As with most forms of plastic surgery, liposuction isn't permanent. The procedure cannot make an area of the body slimmer forever, unless the patient follows a healthy diet and exercise regime. If you overeat and fail to exercise sufficiently, the treatment area will become fat again.

However, when fat deposits are removed through lipo procedures, this fat is gone forever. Some fat cells will remain but there will be much less than before. If the patient gains weight in the months following lipoplasty treatment, the remaining fat cells will grow larger but the general area will tend to be less fatty because there are fewer fat cells.

This sounds rather positive but studies have shown that lipo patients can be more prone to gaining weight in areas where treatment was not carried out. For example, an overeating patient who had liposculpture on her stomach, may develop very fatty thighs.

Lipo procedures are not effective methods of weight loss. They only give the patient a helping hand or a kick start. Unless the procedure is followed by sensible diet and exercise choices, the results won't last long at all.

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