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The use of lasers in plastic surgery and cosmetic dentistry has gradually increased over the years. As technology has evolved, it has become possible to use lasers in a whole host of treatments and procedures. Not only do lasers make operations less invasive, but they can also improve the probability of a successful outcome.

Laser assisted liposuction has been around for some time. It involves using a laser to target the fat cells, breaking them down to be gradually absorbed by the body. However, there is some debate over just how successfully the body can do this. The Smartlipo technique is one of the most poplar examples of such treatment.

In recent years, new techniques such as Advanced Laser Lipolysis have been developed. Instead of relying on the patient's body to absorb the fat cells, this treatment sucks out the broken down cells. Talk to your surgeon to find out what type of laser lipo is best for you.

The costs of laser liposculpture depends on the technique used. Advanced Laser Lipolysis costs from £2,400 although prices in some clinics may be significantly higher. Smartlipo prices are typically between £2,000 to £3,000.

Laser lipoplasty in rarely available on the NHS as it's primarily a cosmetic procedure. An underlying health risk would need to be present for the NHS to consider offering the treatment.

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