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Many of us are cursed with a flabby or double chin. Sometimes it's through overeating but sometimes it's simply because of our jaw structure. Even the toughest diet and exercise regime may not effectively address the problem.

Fortunately, liposculpture techniques can be used on the chin to remove at least some of that unwanted fat or jowl. The procedure is carried out in the same way as regular lipo treatment with the surplus fat being removed through a slender tube called a cannula. A syringe or suction machine sucks the fat cells through the cannula and out of the body.

As there is not a great deal of fat to remove, lipoplasty on the chin can take as little as ten minutes to complete. Patients will be allowed to return home the same day, unless a general anesthetic was used.

The costs of chin lipo in the UK will vary from clinic to clinic but on average you can expect to pay £2000 for the procedure. Prices are considerably cheaper abroad with savings of up to 50% possible. For example, chin liposculpture costs little over £1000 in counties such as India, Turkey and the Czech Republic.

The treatment is unlikely to be available on the NHS as it's a purely cosmetic procedure. Only in cases where the patient's flabby or double chin is causing them phycological problems would NHS treatment be considered.

The risks of chin liposculpture are typically the same as regular lipo treatment. Complications include infection, loss of sensation, excessive bleeding, swelling, scarring, and unsatisfactory results.

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