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Lip implant surgery, lip injections or lip augmentation aims to create fuller, plumper lips. The treatment adds shape and definition where lips may be deflated, flat or unsymmetrical. Injectable materials, such as collagen, are a popular alternative to artificial implants. Most lip injections are temporary, although some are permanent.

Lip injections

The procedure
Lip augmentation is usually carried out under a local anaesthetic and takes approximately 30 minutes. With permanent implants, the surgeon will make four small cuts at each corner of the mouth, and then insert the implant material. Once the procedure is complete, the incisions will be stitched.

After surgery
After lip injections you should able to leave the hospital within a few hours. Patients can return to work within a couple of days and resume almost all activities within one week. Lips may be very swollen and painful for a few days after surgery, sometimes even weeks.

Risks and side effects
Complications of lip augmentation or lip injections include infection, problems with wound healing and possible implant slippage. Difficulty talking, eating or smiling may be experienced for up to a week. Reduced sensation, some scarring or peeling lips can be a problem. Over-injection of lip enhancement materials may produce undesirable results which can be difficult to correct.

Cost and prices
The price of lip enhancement depends on the material used. Permanent implants cost more than temporary injectables. In the UK expect to pay from approximately £3,000. You can save quite a substantial amount of money if you choose o have lip injections abroad. For example in the USA lip augmentation will only cost just over £1000.

NHS, private or abroad
Lip augmentation, lip enhancement and lip injections are not available on the NHS. However, they are available in many private cosmetic surgery clinic in the UK and abroad.


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