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There are many reasons why women may want or need implant removal or replacement surgery. The three most common reasons are implant leakage, capsular contracture (an abnormal response of the immune system to foreign materials) and a change in size or shape. Breast implants are not designed to last forever. It follows therefore, that after a while implants may leak causing a change in breast shape and size.

Breast implant removal

The procedure
An incision is made either around the areola or under the fold of the breast. The capsule around the implant is cut into and the implant is removed. The new implant is then inserted into the capsule.

Risks and side effects
Possible breast implant removal complications include infection, adverse reaction to anesthesia, and excessive bleeding. Occasionally if the implant shell has been damaged or ruptured, it may be impossible to remove all of the escaped gel from the surrounding tissues. This is a particular problem if the surrounding scar capsule has also been damaged .Additional surgery may be necessary to reshape breasts after implant removal. The procedure may leave a more noticeable scar than that which resulted from the original implant procedure.

Cost and prices
The price of a breast implant removal depends on the state of the old implants and whether new implants are to be inserted. Contact your local cosmetic surgery clinic for more information.

NHS, private or abroad
Breast implant removal is available on the NHS if there is a clinical reason for the operation. The procedure is also available in private clinics both in the Uk and abroad.


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