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Laparoscopic Gastric Banding, sometimes known as Lapband, is a semi-permanent surgical procedure for treating obesity. A band is place around the upper part of the stomach and a new smaller stomach pouch is created. This pouch has a small opening that leads into the larger stomach below it but when the small pouch is full, you feel full. (even though your larger stomach is not) And because food is unable to pass quickly though the opening your digestion rate is slowed.

Gastric band

The procedure
This procedure involves an overnight and possibly two nights stay in hospital. Lapband, or Gastric Banding, surgery is performed under a general anesthetic and takes approximately 1.5 hours to complete. The surgeon places an adjustable silicone ban around the upper part of the stomach thereby creating a new smaller stomach pouch. When the band has been inserted the inner surface is either left empty or partially filled. Six week after the operation the band is fully filled thereby skrinking the small opening to the larger stomach. More details on the lap band operation.

Risks and side effects
Initial gastric band side effects can include cause nausea, vomiting, and diahorrea as your body gets used to the band. The band itself can sometimes slip, leak or deflate which will require corrective surgery. More information on the side effects of stomach banding.

Cost and prices
The price of gastric banding depends on the technique used and the level of treatment required. Contact your local private cosmetic surgery clinic for more information. More details on the cost of a lap band.

NHS, private or abroad
Gastric banding may be available on the NHS if you can show that there is a clinical need for the procedure. However the treatment is available at many private cosmetic surgery clinics in the UK and abroad. More information on NHS stomach banding.

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