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Dental implants are a cosmetic technique that replaces missing teeth with permanent fixed, artificial implants. Titanium implant screws are inserted into the jawbone inside the mouth, and natural looking crowns are then placed over them.

Dental Implants advice

The procedure
The dental implant procedure is usually carried out under local anaesthetic, and comprises two distinct stages. The initial treatment involves making incisions into the spaces where the old teeth sat. Titanium screws are then inserted into the holes and the gum stitched over the implants. Approximately six months later, after the implants have had time to heal, the new artificial teeth will be screwed into place over the implants.

Risks and side effects
As well as the general risks of anesthesia, possible dental implants complications include excessive bleeding, infection and problems with wound healing. There is also a small risk of damaging the nerves of the jaw area, and thereby causing numbness in the lips or tongue. This is usually temporary, but there have been instances where the numbness is permanent.

Cost and prices
The price of dental implants in a UK private dental clinic can range from £1200 to over £2000 per implant. If you choose to have dental implants abroad, you can save up to 50%. For example, in many European countries prices start at £800 per implant.

NHS, private or abroad
Dental implants are unlikely to be possible on the NHS because there are cheaper alternatives. However, dental implants are available in many private dental surgery practices in both the UK and abroad.

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