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Collagen injections are used to smooth out lines and wrinkles, and to add volume and definition. Collagen is a natural protein found in humans and animals which provides structural support for bones and ligaments as well giving texture and shape to our skin. The aging process leads to a drop in our natural collagen levels which causes our skin to lose it's youthful appearance. Crows feet and the corners of the mouth benefit most from collagen injections. However, an increasing number of women are having collagen injected into their lips to add shape and volume.

Collagen advice

The procedure
Collagen injections are a minimally invasive cosmetic procedure with little or no pain. The Collagen administrator will use tiny needles to inject the substance into the skin. Usually a anesthetic cream is applied to help ease any discomfort. The treatment time is usually between 30 minutes and 1 hour, depending on the level of Collagen to be injected.

Risks and side effects
The biggest risk when having Collagen injections is developing an allergic reaction. Although the pretreatment skin test is designed to prevent this from occurring, allergic reactions can still occur. There is also the risk of infection, abscesses, scarring and lumpiness in the treated area.

Cost and prices
The price of Collagen in a UK private clinic stars at around £250 but can be considerably more, depending on the level of work required and the clinic you visit. If you choose to have Collagen abroad, you can save a few pounds but as with all inexpensive cosmetic procedures, you're probably best to stick to UK practitioners. The savings simply don't compensate for the added hassle and potential risks.

NHS, private or abroad
Collagen injections are not offered on the NHS because they are a cosmetic treatment with no clinical basis. However, collagen injections are available in most private cosmetic surgeries in both the UK and abroad.

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