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Cheek implant surgery, or cheek augmentation, aims to create higher, rounder and fuller cheeks on the face. Implants add shape and proportion helping improve the appearance of a flat or sunken face.

Cheek implants

The procedure
Cheek implant surgery is carried out under a general anaesthetic and usually takes just under two hours. The surgeon will make incisions inside your mouth to make a pocket for the implants to be placed. The silicone or polythene is then inserted where it is held in place by the cheek muscles, stitches or metal screws.

After surgery
After cheek implant surgery you will usually be able to leave the hospital after one day. Your face may be swollen, bruised and painful for several days or weeks. You will be required to take two weeks off work and strenuous activity must be avoided for six weeks. You must also take care to avoid knocking the cheek area for a couple of weeks.

Risks and side effects
Cheek augmentation complications include infection, problems with wound healing and implant slippage. Fluid build up under the skin is also a potential risk as well as haematoma (blood clot under the skin). After surgery, patients may experience difficulty talking, eating or smiling for many weeks.

Cost and prices
The price of cheek implants in the UK is between £2,500 - £4,000. If you choose to have cheek implant surgery abroad, you can save up to 50%. For example in Belgium, the surgery will cost approximately £2,000.

NHS, private or abroad
Cheek implants are not available on the NHS. The surgery may not be available in all private clinics in the UK but you should have no trouble finding a surgeon in the major cities. Cheek implant surgery is also available abroad in Asia, Europe and America.

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