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Buttock implant surgery, or buttock augmentation, is performed aims to improve the appearance of a flat bottom by adding volume and shape. The surgery involves placing silicone implants in the buttock area to produce greater size and a more curvaceous shape.

Buttock implants

The procedure
Buttock surgery is normally carried out under a general anesthetic and can take up to three hours. The surgeon will make a vertical incision between the buttock to allow the creation of pockets under the buttock muscle. The implants are then inserted into these pockets and the muscle is closed over them.

After surgery
After buttock implant surgery will usually be able to leave the hospital after one day. You will need to take around 7-10 weeks off work and strenuous activity must be avoided for at least a moth. Support pants must be worn for up to six weeks and some swelling should be expected.

Risks and side effects
Buttock augmentation risks include infection and slippage of the implant. Problems with wound healing may occur, and some patients experience reduced sensation in the treated area, which can be permanent. Other small risks include dimpling, lumpiness, and nerve injury.

Cost and prices
The price of a bullock implant surgery in the UK is between £4000 - £6600. The cost of buttock surgery abroad is on average £2000 cheaper. For example, the price in the USA is around £3900.

NHS, private or abroad
It will probably come as no surprise to hear that buttock surgery is not available on the NHS. It is not the most common form of cosmetic surgery in the UK so you may have to look around to find a private clinic that performs the treatment. This type of surgery is more widely available in the USA.

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