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There are numerous types of non surgical breast enlargement treatments including a plethora of pills, creams and lotions. In terms of non-surgical procedures, one of the newest techniques is Macrolane TM.

Macrolane TM involves injecting a special gel into the breast tissue to create a more desired shape. The gel comprises non-animal hyaluronic acid, which is a substance already found within the body. The treatment is predominately used in the breasts but it can also add volume to other areas of the body.

The Macrolane TM procedure takes up to an hour, and the results can last up to eighteen months. After this period, you can have so called top ups to give your breasts a boost.

If you are considering non surgical breast enhancement, talk to your surgeon about the costs and possible risks of such treatment. Prices will vary from clinic to clinic so don't simply opt for the first quote you receive.

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