You can significantly reduce the risks of something going wrong during breast augmentation by using an experienced surgeon at an established clinic. However, even in the finest clinic in the world, things can sometimes go wrong.

It's somewhat difficult to generate accurate figures to the risks of breast enlargement treatment. The number of patients with complications can vary wildly from clinic to clinic, and from country to country. Some studies show rupture or deflation rates of 7% to 10% at 10 years whereas others have the figure at nearer 15%.

Hematomas are estimated to occur in 1% to 2% of breast enlargement operations. In most cases, these can be effectively addressed by the surgeon, and should have no lasting effects.

The risk of unfavorable scarring is approximately 5% to 6% in all breast implant patients. Under an experienced surgeon, the figure will be lower but scarring will still be a possibility.

The manufactures of breast implants admit that there is a 0.5% to 1% chance of infection with their products. This can be treated with antibiotics but in some cases removal of the implant will be required.

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