Plastic surgery can change your life but often only for a limited period. Most cosmetic procedures are not permanent, and further treatment will be required at some point.

Breast enlargement is very much a temporary procedure. The length of time results will last will depend on the shelf life of the implant used. For many years, breast implants lasted for up to ten years. But with advances in implant technology, the procedure can now last for up to twice as long.

However, each case can be very different. Just because one patient's results last for a certain period, there's no guarantee that the next patient's will. Talk to your surgeon to find out more.

Also, it's worth remembering that breast enhancement usually creates considerably bigger breasts. The laws of physics dictate that the bigger the breast the greater the likelihood of sagging. Although, your implants may last for twenty years, you may need corrective surgery for sagging breasts long before that.

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